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So you want more twitter followers, and you want them fast? I originally posted this message on an internet marketing forum, and received a lot of really positive response. This is the exact method I use to getting targeted Twitter followers.

twitter followers

I wanted to share with you the method that I have used personally, and through a variety of niches to attract a higher caliber of Twitter followers, a method called "the leach method."

I began developing this method back in Myspace, and it actually can be used on any social networking platform where you can directly contact people (like LinkedIn).

Mass following can be effective, but as many of you (myself included) have found, you also get a lot of useless spam accounts, uninterested people, or others just trying to boost their "following count." I don't know about you, but I'm not interested in having a million bot followers, I'd rather have people that help me... Make money!

Basically, spend a little time researching the biggest names related to your niche. Who would your clients/affiliates follow? For example, when I did this with a recording studio I found the biggest local bands (who would have a lot of smaller bands following them) and started following the bands/people that followed this act. This led to a couple of inquires and a session set up for the studio.

It may seem really simple, but it definitely can take some time. You don't want to just follow everyone who follows this person. I usually dive somewhere into the middle of their follower's list, and start following from there. I skip obvious spam, and only add what appear to be real people/companies/whatever.

Now, here's the important part! DO NOT ignore them once they follow you back. Send them a message, find out what's going on, and feel them out for what they're looking for. Build a relationship with the person. Obviously not everyone will buy from you, but you'd be surprised at how responsive and helpful niche related people can be.

This method works extremely well for B2B niches. B2C work well too, but you generally won't have as much time to build the personal relationship through direct messages (I mean, is spending an hour talking to someone worth a $5 sale to you?). With B2C, it is best to go after potential affiliates or joint ventures.

Using this method personally, I got one direct client, and two JV partners (one of whom referred me a $600 blog set up, the other has helped create sales presentations and saved me a lot of time). On top of that I've also connected with and shared ideas with a lot of people. Even though there wasn't money compensation, the free knowledge was worth it.

twitter followers